To PPC or Not to PPC - When to Pay Per Clicks for Traffic

Don't be fooled. 10 Years ago Pay Per Click advertising was a fairly easy-to-manage and profitable form of advertising. Contrast that with 2015 and buying website traffic is as competitive of a market as any. There are many downsides and potential risks to paying for clicks for business growth. In today's world of widespread PPC and Digital Marketing firms  out there selling small businesses on this approach there are many things they may not know and are not telling you! They sell accounts, build up campaigns and spend your money en masse. They may start generating sales but remember these are at lower margins for the business owner with the new costs. You, the business owner, are faced with buying clicks at an all time high. Clicks are not a place to gamble and financial mistakes by an inexperienced PPC firm or running an overzealous PPC campaign can cost a business....well their business!

The national directories are creeping in and sucking out all your business and not-so-local franchisees are constantly increasing their footprint in local search and local business categories (with national-sized marketing budgets). Small and locally owned and operated businesses need to fight harder and longer for positioning and search engine traffic and leads. Sounds dramatic right? Well it can have a serious effect on businesses on a year-to-year review of where leads are coming from. New assets can help keep your business growing but let's get the facts straight.

Has your web marketing company incorporated retargeting into your marketing and communication campaigns?

Retargeting is a very practical web marketing approach to increasing return visitors and and Targeting certain types of visitors with "Ads" designed. The Ads are usually Facebook Newsfeed or Google Network Display ads that show up in your past visitors to your websites Newsfeeds and Websites. Again, these ads are only shown to your Existing Users/Visitors and therefore is more targeted and relevant. The type of Retargeting we initially recommend is focused around building sales funnels around specific product or services our customers offer. In other words, our web marketing campaigns that include retargeting show ads related to products and services your prospects have already shown a direct interest in.