Ever Heard of Retargeting?

Has your web marketing company incorporated retargeting into your marketing and communication campaigns?

Retargeting is a very practical web marketing approach to increasing return visitors and and Targeting certain types of visitors with "Ads" designed. The Ads are usually Facebook Newsfeed or Google Network Display ads that show up in your past visitors to your websites Newsfeeds and Websites. Again, these ads are only shown to your Existing Users/Visitors and therefore is more targeted and relevant. The type of Retargeting we initially recommend is focused around building sales funnels around specific product or services our customers offer. In other words, our web marketing campaigns that include retargeting show ads related to products and services your prospects have already shown a direct interest in.


This kind of retargeting works to bring all your visitors into your lead funnel. One unique approach to retargeting is running special offers for these visitors and showing product or service updates to them. Scheduling campaigns and offers to coincide with your business capacity can achieve even greater results. We look at all these options to make sure we are building and marketing campaigns that drive sales when you need them the most and the good news is most of the data we need to make decisions already exist. We have the ability to analyze your business, create web marketing campaigns on a budget and build-in the right kinds of calls to action that will turn visitors into users, and new customers into repeat buyers.

We are always happy to review your existing campaigns with and get you taking advantage of the best retargeting technologies on the market.